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HOP, our family of plant based products formulated with remedial intent.

Plant based Nutritional Supplement Drink Mix

Energizing  daily use drink mix, loaded with organic adaptogenic plant leaves, roots and seed oils.

Nutrition that travels well, plant-based drink mixes formulated with remedial intent.

Consuming small amounts of nutritional plants throughout your day can  better your efficiency through heightened energy levels and clearer thought.  Many plants have been selected for their adaptogenic  properties, aiding a healthy human system in supporting itself.  Try silverback-up, our plant-based drink mix, feel better and be happier.

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Our flagship product Silverback- Up


Blend one teaspoon in water or your favorite nut/seed milk.  Many ingredients will be new to your palate, start slow these are strong plants, you body will adjust with them. Use a pitted date or honey to soften the flavors until your palate adjusts.  Enjoy in the morning as a nourishing energy drink to start your day or after lunch for a boost of mental focus. 

Many ingredients chosen for:

Neuroprotective properties


Vascular health

Anti-oxidizing qualities

Blood sugar normalizing affects

Immune system support

Anti-inflammatory nature

Energy boosting effects 

Improved Regularity

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Support

Increased libido and stamina for both men and women

Decreased food cravings

Why these ingredients were chosen

Originally designed to be healthy efficient food that traveled well.  Our original blend of chia and MCT coconut oil has evolved to affect a wide array of benefits.  The initial shift in the recipe focused on detox and  a healthy gut biome, we then targeted anti-inflammatory plant leaves,  oils and roots that facilitate wellness. Once I had my body feeling  better I moved onto ingredients that would help polish my edge, brain  food and immune supportive ingredients.  These drink mixes are founded on beliefs that food is medicine and  diversity provides balance. By using a fraction of an ingredients  recommended amount, we can provide this wide panel of effective  ingredients that share similar potential. 

What to expect

If you are an active person and living a healthy lifestyle you will  transition easily to these mixes, enjoying their benefits quickly.  If  you are under a doctor’s care or taking medication; consult with them  first. Start slow and trust your body's reaction. Your system will  acclimate to the herbs in this mix.  Congratulations on your quest for a  happier life through nutrition.  My advice is be patient with your body  and find strength in your desire to be healthy.